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AASC Membership

Upon joining the club your status will be a Regular Member. Then, you may enroll in the Crew Course to learn basic sailing skills which will prepare you to be a qualified and effective crew member. Based on your sailing background, you may advance directly to the Skipper Training Course. Once you have joined the club, you may discuss this option with the Sail Captain. To become a qualified AASC Skipper, you will complete the Skipper Training Course and you will join the American Sailing Association (ASA) to get your Basic Keel Boat (101) certification.

As a Skipper member, you will have access to sail any one of the four boats, nearly anytime you want!

Membership fees - paid annually based on the fiscal year:

Regular Membership - $80

Spouse / Dependent Membership - $40

Skipper Membership - $300

Please download the application form here and follow the instructions if you are interested in joining the club. Once the application is approved, you will receive a “Welcome Letter” with more information about starting a Training Course.

Please contact our membership officer at if you have questions.